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Toshiba Satellite L755-s5216 Drivers Free Download Install Update

Now I'm having problems. I don't think that Toshiba keeps older versions. I found something disappointing.. The same thing happened to me, and when my machine came back from repair, the hard drive was wiped clean, an unnecessary and costly for me step.

I ended up speaking on the phone to John Smithson in Corporate Relations, who said that they are no longer pushing out this "upgrade". As to all my other protestations about how Toshiba could be doing this to its customers for six months, he could only say he would pass along my concerns. I put this message up previously in both threads on this problem with the name and address of the president of Toshiba, which is public information, and the phone number of John Smithson, and Toshiba took down both of my messages.

My email is markk gmail. We will see if they allow this message to stay. Nothing in here is factually untrue. The BIOS version 2. Sadly, the previous version that I had, which did not have this problem -- I can't find online. I own a similar laptop - although i would not dare attempt to update the bios - unless i had a problem with it in the first place. I am not sure what you can do to fix it other than wait for another update.

Is your machine still under warranty? You could try the bios manufacturers dos utility for flashing the bios. You gonna have to do some googling. Playing with bios tools 'could' brick your laptop if you are not familiar with what you are doing. Though I haven't yet tried to see whether booting from DVD is also busted. Did you go into the bios and check all the settings related to booting?

Try a freedos cd image then if the drive works. If anyone has expertise with code, please see the foler that the BIOS Updater temporarily installs on my hard drive at https: Have you tried booting from the optical drive yet even with a livecd? Most bios utils I know off check the actual image located in the bios itself. I would really try and boot from dos based media and use the dos based utility.

Can you post a picture of the bios screen when the laptop boots up and one from when you have gone into the actual bios just after bootup where it shows the bios type and current image.

Do you have a spare hard drive you can put in the laptop or can you resize your existing partitions and create a new partition? DO you have access to another computer desktop? I'm asking this as there might be another viable option. Mips words in red. Will try to do so this week. Please see the four attached photographs. Does the spare hard drive have to fit inside the laptop? Does the spare hard drive have to be an internal hard drive?

Yes, I think I can borrow another computer. From the Toshiba link I provided above, Package: See the included documentation for details. We wanna try and use the dos based utility. Well try this first before we do anything else. I've no experience with this manufacturer so I'm not sure if the DOS base utility will allow you to roll back to a older version but it's worth a shot.

Yes it has to be internal. Thinking of installing FreeDOS from another PC onto the drive and then plugging it into the laptop to boot off so you can run the util. Relates to the above post in case you can't boot off the optical media.

Toshiba Satellite L755-s5216 Drivers Free Download

Download driver toshiba satellite l755 m1du

Fixing a customer problem: Write down description make and model - double click on it - drivers tab - write down version. It can take several tries depending on how many rollbacks it does. Then do same for Device Maker's site. Manually look at manufacturer's sites for drivers - and Device Maker's sites.

Fix toshiba satellite l755 white screen - Toshiba Computers & Internet

Toshiba Satellite L755-s5216 Drivers Free Download

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