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Discussion in ' Hardware ' started by donmadden , Feb 17, Log in or Sign up. I have the Dell XPS i. When I put in the windows xp installation disc, it goes through the Windows Setup screen, loading all the install files, drivers, etc.

I went to the Dell website and got the MediaShield drivers and put them onto a floppy to install in the windows setup screen. When I push Enter when ready, it says please wait in the bottom left corner and acts as if its going to work, then it pops back up with "Please insert the disk labeled Manufacturer-supplied hardware support disk into drive A: Exit - When I tried to go with the nvrd I have been trying to fix this issue for going on a week now and really need the help of major geeks!

When the board posts, does it show a "restore" option on the boot screen? Was there a restore partition on the original drive? If the answer is "yes" to either or both, try using a Vista or 7 install disk if available you do not need to enter a license code - just let it install and see if it completes the process; this will also give you 30 days in trial mode to sort things out. If Vista or 7 loads properly ruling out a hardware defect you will have to root around Dell's support site or e-mail them to see if a BIOS upgrade downgrade?

HP's web site was evasive on the topic, I finally had to call them to confirm the model in question would not accept XP. I know this isn't the answer you wanted; however I hope it helps. Well it originally had Vista on it and it also had a recovery partition on the original drive which crashed anyways. About 6 months ago I put windows XP professional on that computer and ran it successfully since, until the recent crash. I do remember there being some crazy alternate route we had to take to install windows XP on it but the guy who helped me is no longer around for me to ask, hence me asking you guys.

So I do know it can work with windows xp pro no problem, just putting it on proves to be very difficult. Are you using only one HD? How big was the old HD? Which Service pack is XP Pro?

Yeah, the crazy alternate route is something I'm sure someone here knows about. By crazy route, I mean some step or driver or thing I have to do to make it work regarding raid or something along those lines. I go download SP2. I'm really not sure. Let's see what advice you get. I was originally thinking either a need to slipstream SATA drivers using nlite onto a new disc but if you get to 29 minutes the install sees your HD and can work with it as far as I can tell.

I was also thinking it may have something to do with the gb limit for XP but that is pre-SP1 so I don't think that is a consideration. Was your last XP installation on a partition larger than GB? Is it possible that you loosened a memory module while replacing the HD? You might give them a push to make sure they are firmly in place.

Do you have a link to the Dell drivers page for your laptop, I am having trouble finding it? One final shot on my part: No guarantees, but it's worth a try. It says service pack 2 on the front of my windows XP pro CD, now how exactly do I slipstream service pack 3?

Do you have a link with a step by step guide or something perhaps that I could use? Here's a freeware program that will add SP3 and automatically overwrite older SP2 files: It will do that to my original xp pro cd? Baxter Stockman , Feb 18, You are not overwriting your original disc. You basically copy the original disc to your HD then use the program to add your files say SP3 and the MediaShield drivers to the correct folders of the copy of the disc on your HD.

Your original installation disc is unchanged but the new one you created should install more easily. So, to be absolutely clear I pop in my store bought windows xp pro cd I'm not really sure thats the issue though, because when I previously installed windows xp pro on that computer I used the same CD sp2. I'm not in contact with the guy who did it though.

Once those 2 things were put in, it loaded windows xp pro perfectly. The problem is loading the drivers at F6 without an old floppy drive which is where the XP installation disc is looking for them. This is what nlite is designed to work around. Take a look at this guide which makes it sound simple. You only have to slipstream the unzipped MediaShield drivers into the new CD.

You can skip the SP3 files and just let Windows update after it installs. Should only take 15 minutes or so to try it and see if it can create an ISO file that includes the MediaShield drivers. No, I put the drivers on a floppy.

I used an external USB Floppy and enabled floppy in bios to boot with the computer I'm using the service tag specific media shield drivers provided by the Dell website. But that is the only thing I'm using as far as drivers and I remember having to use TWO previously to get it to take windows xp.

This looks like just the driver file. Try running the exe to extract the files make sure you pick a location you can find or it will create a confusing C: Copy them to floppy and at F6 try pointing to the. See if you have better luck. That was what I did originally It says it is loading the nvrd32 driver Yes, I realized that after I posted.

I don't know what to tell you--the 29 minute mark is a decent way into the install process for it to quit. Are you using an original XP disc? I think the 29 min mark is popular fail point on copied disc, sometimes due to being copied to fast above 4x can produce errors Is your disc clean? If you have more than one drive try another.. ASUS , Feb 21, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Dell Xps 630i Drivers Download

Dell XPS 630i Sound Problem

Fri Nov 02, Page 1 of Mon Oct 13, Fri Mar 29, 6: Do you use automatic fan control or manual fan control? Thu Sep 03, 6: Mon Aug 31, Thu Jul 03, 6: Looking for processor advice.

Dell XPS 630i Drivers

Dell Xps 630i Drivers Download

WuMyster Dec 31, , Hi everone, new to the forum so if im doing anything wrong please let me know. Randomly one day my pc sound started acting up. I can still hear what im supposed to hear but it just sounds so weird, I dont know how to describe it, kind of static and higher pitched. Well i found a temporary fix which is to plug something in one of the headphone jacks and take it back out and it would fix it self for a while. I have headphones plugged into the back of the XPS in the sound card, ive tried to find out what it is but have no idea through windows, havent opened the case. It isnt the sound card because when i plug my headphones in the front 3.

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