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Lenovo Dolby Digital Plus Driver Download Install Update

Upon upgrading to Windows 10, Lenovo Notebook G series users are facing issues in their audio driver which is surprising as since Windows 8, Microsoft have been able to add most drivers in their core for audio especially.

The problem being faced here is whenever an effected user turns ON laptop, he gets a pop-up with error from Dolby Advanced Audio i. This problem occurs every time when you turn ON your laptop or restart it. Also, do not turn back ON automatic driver updates in Windows 10, which you turned off in 1st step. Driver version is 8. My NB is G After many times reinstalling the Realtek drivers, your fix seems to work on my ts. So far, so good. I even had the Lenovo techies at the house, but no go. It may have worked this time because I deleted the software in addition to the drivers.

I thought it worked, last night. When I streamed a movie, today, still the same results, dolby turns off if I click on another program. About Us Contact Us Windows. Make sure that you…. It really worked mate! I was not believing it would work, but it did! Thanks a lot man. Thanks very much I really appreciate your work regards. Subscribe Via Email Subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest updates to your inbox..!

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Lenovo Dolby Digital Plus Driver Download

Download & Fix Dolby Audio Driver for Windows 10 for Lenovo Notebook

Dolby audio is available for Windows Even so, you still have chance meeting problems after you upgrade the system to Windows The most common issue is that you are expected to install an older version of Dolby Digital Plus. For instance, you have installed version 7.

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Lenovo Dolby Digital Plus Driver Download

My updates are all installed. I now get this error message at restart each time: Please install a valid driver and software application combination. Under Sound, Video, games - Device manager lists 2 drivers: Gone into control panel and Dolby Digital Plus icon is there but when I try to right click and bring any menu up - I get the above error message again. Am concerned about causing more problems on my PC and since I am not programmer smart and some PC language posted I do not understand, I am not sure what to do. My sound works fine on my computer by the way.

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