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Gonna vent a bit, mabey it will help or not. I just got The Division, high hopes for my 4k gaming setup Dual xs and of course only one gpu performs and that with unstable clock speeds in the Division. Now I would normally just wait with fingers crossed for 90 percent utilization on the guys with full core clocks for a future crimson update.

Dying light was another wreck for crossfire I just seems it can't for multi gpu setups. I just bought 2 xs over recommendations I invest in s or ti's I'm just jaded on amd for multi gpu setups. After playing 4k for a year now there is no going back to p or 2k What good is a ultra HD setup with AMD and Uber power in the cards if performance is completely knee capped by the drivers which are only ever "sort of" fixed for a few games without the AMD logo and never touched for many AAA titles even a year after release?

Your GPUs are perfectly capable of running 4k, but you still have 1 notoriously slow core doing draw calls that worked fine in but not great seeing how far demanding games have come. The Division has known Crossfire issues. Not really sure whats going on with Elite Dangerous but devs likely need to work with AMD to sort a profile and stop blaming each other, seems AFR works?

Elite dangerous has issues all on its own it has since early beta and they simply can't fix it. The engine just isn't working properly with refresh rates and sync. The stutters change when changing or forcing fps caps and the stutters even change when recording a video of live game play.

OP, as for the other 2 games. I have only seen these run smooth in 4k using much stronger CPUs. Thats just a fairly unbalanced system. Zen will be out later in the year, along with PCIe 3. Its not the CPU.

I understand games that are heavily single threaded will be a bottle neck, Planetside 2 for example. I dont need a constant 60 fps in every game. I just want my cards to be working at maximum and I can see if they are or not with afterburner.

It just seems everything was trouble free with the games I played when I was running dual 's 4 years ago I am incredibly fed up with the lack of ingenuity from AMD. I have invested a lot of money into their hardware but always seem to be left short changed and plagued with conflictions and driver malfunctions.

What should be an enjoyable experience turns out to be a mammoth pain in the back side.. I later made the mistake of purchasing the R9 x2 at no small price and although by then AMD had just about managed to get your drivers working to at least play battlefield without a hick up, everytime you updated crimson it threw something else out. I am sick and tire of AMD inconsistencies, you never get it right and my experience of gaming on the PC is not a happy one and I have to put this down to AMD hardware and software.

My question is this Are AMD ever going to get their act together and if not sometime soon, is it not a good idea to go to a product that doesn't seem to have as much issues, IE NVIDIA, I am sure I am not the only person out there that thinks your sucking right now When is there going to be a driver that deals with all games without a hitch I can sell this garbage and move on, because it looks like the best thing anyone can do is switch to NVDIA at the moment because AMD seem to have their heads in the sand.

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Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. So if this isn't the right place for this perhaps a moderator could move this for me. It's like their "driver" dept. Am I just wrong? This content has been marked as final. These issue are still there in game and the thread on their own forum is still very active. It is not just an Amd issue as it happens with Nvidia too exactly the same.

I agree to an extent. After all what good is it if you can't make sure you product performs as intended. All this over the past 5 years I will be going with Broadwell-E this summer and will sell my x's once the Ti or next Titan releases. I'm not going to even bother with Zen cpu's or whatever AMD's next card is. I know I'll get at least as good or better performance with Intel and Nvidia where I refuse to gamble on AMD again just to save 30 or 40 percent.

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Amd Crossfirex Drivers Download

AMD CrossFire™ and Dual Graphics Requirements and Setup FAQ

AMD likes to tell us that it is "Gaming Evolved. In fact, we think AMD has been regressing in the last year. AMD still has an opportunity to shine in Will it step up?. Has AMD learned from past mistakes? We thought so, but at this early stage of new Radeon HD AMD may be falling back into the usual practices when it comes to driver support, specifically with CrossFireX. Unfortunately, these driver issues concerning CrossFireX is not something new, and have hit gamers hard in Last year, we saw many games launched, many of those were AAA titles, and there were issues with CrossFireX support not being available at launch.

AMD CrossFire Express Series Integrated Graphics Drivers Download

Amd Crossfirex Drivers Download

In AMD CrossFire setups, all display outputs are connected to the primary master card and outputs on the slave card s are disabled. In the Global Settings, the AMD CrossFire option can be toggled on or off and the setting will be applied to all games and applications. A game profile consists of graphics settings for image quality as well AMD CrossFire Modes which allows the user to choose the preferred CrossFire rendering mode for the individual game. The content of this document is categorized into the following sections: The application runs in single GPU mode. If the application has a driver profile it will be used. If a driver profile does not exist, the application will run in single GPU mode. The application will run in multi GPU mode with resource tracking disabled using alternate frame rendering. Each GPU will take turns rendering frames. AFR friendly makes assumptions that the application was built to be multi GPU aware and could cause image corruption if it was not built that way. The application will run in multi GPU mode using alternate frame rendering, but with optimizations for 1x1 surfaces. The application will run in multi GPU mode with resource tracking enabled using alternate frame rendering.

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