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Dell Studio 1558 Touchpad Driver Download Install Update

Discussion in ' Dell ' started by dimodi , Mar 18, Log in or Sign up. I upgraded from the A08 BIOS to A11 first thing after noticing the fan cycling and running with no applications open, but did not fix the issue. I wouldn't characterize the fan as being LOUD, but it certainly is not a quiet fan and I notice it when it starts up, even with other room noise. This is not a bit issue to me, but I can hear the Seagate drive I think I would try a rpm next time and cannot get it to spin down after a period of inactivity.

I have changed advanced power settings to "Turn off hard disk after" 1 Minute, but the system ignores that. I would like to exchange this is there is a chance I could get a fan that doesn't have the fan cycling problem, or is always on, or is quieter, because otherwise I am quite satisfied with the product.

My laptop fails to resume after sleep when the lid is opened Jottle , Nov 8, I had an i3 from the Outlet and the fan would spin up loudly every minute or so just while web surfing. Dell sent me a new i5 with ATI card instead of integrated graphics. All other specs the same. The new i5 came with an Energy Star sticker and the fan runs on low always when not doing anything demanding like it's supposed to.

Every problem went away, fan only comes on if I play a fairly demanding game, a few more audio settings in the IDT control panel, in general much better sound. Overall most of my problems were sorted with new BIOS and updated drivers, the driver disc Dell gave me was almost a year outdated.

Pretty pleased with the thing now though. Millerdraft , Nov 17, I've played around quite a lot to be fair A problem I did have was; if I used an application equalizer, say in Winamp or Foobar the audio would constantly dip.

Where you can increase the base Which is just the same as using base boost through windows. I just don't have the problems, and can get a nice tone out of the speakers, although I rarely use them. Before they were vey tinny, and like I say would almost cut out during a song.

Sorry I can't give you any real details. The only thing I do maybe different is, I set the SRS premium to Movie, medium sized speakers and don't select headphones, when I'm actually using headphones, I guess this is more to do with what you use.

But even with Sennheiser CX's it sounds better to me. I can't edit posts for some reason, I do mean bass not the base of the notebook. I've just purchased a Laptop, and for the most part am very pleased. I do have two annoying problemsand forgive me this is hard to explain. After I am on for awhile I find when I use my touch-pad to move almost anywhere, and barely touch the pad to move a whole page or section will turn blue as if I had chosen a highlight command.

In fact as I finished writing this and moved my cursor up the box, it all turned blue. Besides that, on occasions, I've had a whole page move without a command.

I can move up with the pad to click the back or forward button and just before I give it the command, it'll just come "undone" and I can move the whole page around and only get it back in the normal mode by clicking off to the side. I have gone to the properties of the touch-pad and thought this might be a sensitivity problem and if so, I'm afraid I don't know how to correct it.

I was told to uncheck the "Drag Lock" which I did. Don't even know what that is, but after I unchecked it, I thought it improved a bit, but not so sure. Bottom line, seems whatever I run my touchpad over activates without much command from me. Sorry this is so difficult to explain, but I'm somewhat of a "newbie" and afraid my tech speak isn't what it should be.

Thank you for whatever help you can offer. BarbB , Nov 17, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Similar Threads - Dell Studio Dell XPS 13 fan noise.

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Dell Studio 1558 Touchpad Driver Download

DELL STUDIO 1558 Core i5 Notebook Drivers

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I need Dell Studio webcam driver. Have you tried searching Windows update for the driver? I've never seen Windows 7 fail to install a webcam out of the box. I found the install files from the CD, and can't seem to find a driver at all, which to me says it's assumed the system will take care of it. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Dell Studio 1558 :: Missing Drivers / Unable To Install

Dell Studio 1558 Touchpad Driver Download

I bought a Dell Studio 17 a few months ago, and as much as I love it, the TouchPad is like crazy-annoying sometimes. Not too long ago, touchpads starting allowing scrolling functionality by sliding your finger up and down the right-most side of the touchpad. Cool feature, but it forced me to stay more to the left side of the touchpad. The wonderful folks at Dell decided that the left side of the touchpad should not be a scrolling feature, but a zoom instead. Nothing like browsing a web page and have it either zoom in to the nose hairs of your elementary school teacher on Facebook, or zoom out to satellite imagery height. My kids can do it, of course. As always, I blog when I discover a solution to a problem that is not readily found by Bing ing it, so here is what I found. On your machine there, should be a folder called DellTPad, most likely in the C: In that folder is an application. Welcome to Geeks with Blogs. How to query a stored procedure for input parameters in.

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