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Discussion in ' Software ' started by peterr , Feb 12, Log in or Sign up. I received an error message that this had stopped working , screen flashed, then it said it recovered.

It happend twice more so I called Dell. A tech uninstalled the driver and installed another. The next day I noticed the Catalsyt Control Center was not responding so another tech performed the same task as the previous tech but downloaded a different driver. This failed to get the Control Center to respond. A supervisor took over and he too installed a third driver, however, he then realized that AMD did not have a driver upgrade for this driver so went to the Dell site and reinstalled the original.

I know the card is not expensive but is there a way I can improve upon this situation? I do not know if it can be replaced. DavidGP , Feb 12, Hi David As a relative novice, I am somewhat cofused. If you read my post where it says a supervisor took over, he did exactly what you are suggesting - to a T. The missing link is why he said that was an error with that course of actionand then went to the Dell site.

I sent a PrtScn you may want to check regarding the net 3. I hope it is what you are referring to. My machine is working ok now and I hope it continues to do so using the driver that was recently installed from Dell. While I do respect your expertise, I wonder why he did what you are suggesting then reversed himself. I have your information here at the forum and will turn to it if I have trouble. I do know that he lost the Catalyst Control Center in doing so. They were trying to say the driver display failing is strictly software but I now have them admitting it is a combo of hard and software.

Thank you for your help. Hi Peter Did he use Driver Sweeper? Dunno why he reversed his train of thought, a default driver off the Dell site as your PC is a Dell may be a slightly different one than that of the ones supplied by Ati directly, the problme maybe that with the Dell sourced driver is that it may not come with the CCC panel.

Net may list in the options it may also be corrupt and causing software issues, so I'm a bit in the middle of suggesting anything at present while you're PC is working ok, but my train of thought is to re-install the Catalyst Control Centre and see how that works, if you list the Windows version and bit type I can direct link you to the CCC installer only, it doesnt change the driver just installs the panel.

But I'm still inclined to leave be for now, but your choice. David -I just recognized u from the old H--O name. Please note my attachment that lists three driver versions.

I wish to follow your directions yet need to compile my information correctly before diving in. At the Amd site I can follow 1-desktop,2-Radeon HD,xxx, 4-Win 7 64 bit but then am unsure where to go -Is it the first or second Any special item to look for in Driver Sweeper or is it obvious?

Once I compile a list of specifics I will give it a go. You know Dell -they will say it is a combo of software and hardware as the driver tells the O. Hope u had a good trip - talk soon. Could you please tell me if I use the first version Hi Peter That last image of yours shows the CCC working, is it working ok or do some of the options not work?

These days grahic drivers have a few different components that list differerent versions, see my nvidia driver below To just get the CCC software, click the Individual Downloads tab, then choose the the third one down. DavidGP , Feb 14, Hi David A- Please see my post of yesterday 9: Is this the one I use?

E- It seems at this point that my screen dispaly is fine and the CCC responds to tics although as I stated it is not something I am familiar with now F- The 8. I hope that is positively meaningful in that there is a functional correlation between the two, or, in other words, the CCC is appropriate for this diplay driver.

I do have all of your notes except the version listed in A2 above. G-Many thanks for your continued support Peter. Hi Peter I do read all of the posts, although 9: But as the CCC panel seems to open ok, I would leave be and especially as your graphics resolution looks ok.

But to answer A2 - no, need to click as mentioned in post 7. DavidGP , Feb 16, David So to get CCC use the individual downloads and the third one down. The two top Catalyst Sofware Suites are similiar. The first is The second has the app removed. I am leaving all alone but like to keep notes for future refence.

Once I know which to select, we should have resolved another issue. I guess I say good evening as you have had your afternoon. If you where to remove all at some point, I would install the top one, which covers all the driver components, but if you are to remove, do remember my earlier post about using DriverSweeper to clean out all the left overs, and do this from safe mode.

Hahhaa on evening yeah time differences and all that. DavidGP , Feb 17, Thank you, David, and look forward to chatting again. I'm a bit happy now as my third cancer surgery turned out to be best case scenario, if you must have the disease.

I would be a poor organ donor as I have only a few left.: Hi Peter Well to start with a will say I'm really happy on your cancer surgery and glad all went better than that of worst case scenario I personally would go for the top one as the 2nd one has the app removed which if I remember right is the OpenGL app, and in some cases this is needed by some games, so grab the top download.

DavidGP , Feb 18, David Thank you for the kind words regarding both health and the pc. I wil enter the top selection in my notes. You have spent a lot of time refining this issue or which I am grateful and from which others may learn.

You are an asset to this forum to say the least. I will remain technical with my questions but may sneak over to your email for a note on occasion.: David Before i uninstall the dislay driver, I need to get an opinion, if I may.

That warning,"The display driver stopped working but is correcting itsef', occured today so it appears to be once every week to 10 days. One point of view is that drivers do this at times and not to obssess over something that is fuctioning. The other way of looking at it is this a new XPS and this issue is relatively unexpected, considering.

My shallow experience holds me back from acting and doing something I may be sorry about. If I decide to reinstall I will briefly review what I am doing by reading the thread but I am ot sure if I am uninstalling a program or two or a driver. May I ask, why am I not going the device manager, uninstalling from there then running the sweeper; or using Revo to unistall the Ati program.

I am confused as to what I am actually looking for of whicch to rid my machine. If I am reinstalling I will compile a how to list here at home to guide me using your tips and the information in the thread. The tech who went to Dell did not sweep any driver and, I have a novice's feeling, that oversight may contribute to this persistent issue.

Have a pleasant weekend and I look forward to your reply , when you have time. David Please see the attachemnt regarding driver asweeper as I am having trouble locating the buttons to press here. It s the first time at the pc where i could not download a program between firewalls, and other things.: Hi David I used email because i went to "action center" in search and under each of 5 dispaly failures it said there was a hardware failure.

I shall post this in the forum for continuity. Now I am a bit shaky. Hi Peter Did reply to your email and yes keep the info in this thread as others may have input too on this issue, but and as we now list DriverSweeper on MG the link is HERE for the download Peter just give me the PC make and model again so I can check if it uses a ATi Chipset driver as that could be something to look out for when uninstalling the ATi drivers? DavidGP , Feb 26, A tech installed a video card yesterday and today the error that the driver stopped working occurred again.

Safe mode etc and reinstalled the first Suite from the ATI site. Two questions if I may; 1- Why did I not use the device manager to unintsall the driver — was it just for this instance or for every driver you want to uninstall?

It is hard for me to understand. I checked the control panel and device manager and there are no duplicates. I also had an issue with this and found this solution online.

So far I haven't seen the screen flicker since I installed this driver. It's not a graphic card issue more of a driver issue. SnowFalcon , Mar 5, DavidGP , Mar 5, To the point, the tech did not install the driver. I do hace CCC -that was my oversight. I understand about device manger and driver sweeper with add remove and once again thank you for your help.

Download Driver Ati Radeon Hd 5450

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You can see device drivers for a XFX Video cards below on this page. Video card drivers are a kind of software, and therefore they are subject to all the same problems that affect the work of other kinds of programs. Keep in mind that video card drivers may also be damaged for various reasons, such as virus-infected, or obsolete as a result of system upgrades or software changes. Remember that is very important to have exactly the driver that is needed specifically for your hardware video card model. Therefore, it is recommended that you search using the video card manufacturer name and model number of each video card. Most popular Video cards: Most popular XFX Video cards: Back to the list of XFX Video card models. This brief videos will show you how to install a driver that does not contain a setup utility.

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Download Driver Ati Radeon Hd 5450

Freezes the resolution after a system restart from x recommended to x or to a lower resolution which just zooms out the desktop making it visually unpleasant to work with. No error response comes up for anything,. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Thank you for posting your concern in Microsoft Community and welcome to the Windows 10 Family. Please be informed that Windows releases drivers based on manufacturer's release addressing Windows 10 compatible device drivers. Hence we recommend you to download the drivers directly from the manufacturer's website this time and check if the issue still occurs.

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